Who Needs an Asbestos Register

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Asbestos has a bad reputation. This is for a good reason. Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems and even result in death. Many people are aware of this fact. What people don't usually understand is how you become at risk and who is at risk. Even though we are all at risk to asbestos exposure some are at higher risks. You might suspect that your property has asbestos but are not sure if it is carries a risk for exposure. An asbestos survey will help you recognize those risks, and manage them the an asbestos management plan and an asbestos register.

An asbestos survey will analyze the materials that you suspect or that are most likely to contain asbestos. This survey will then determine if a product containing asbestos has been compromised to the point that the fibers are being released into the air. From this survey an asbestos management plan will be made that will help you dispose of compromised materials in a safe and legal way. The survey will also contain an asbestos register. This register will record the materials that do contain or are suspect to contain asbestos. The asbestos register will tell you where these materials are and when the last time was that they were inspected and or analyzed. This can help you ensure that the asbestos that remains on a premise stays in an uncompromised condition. An asbestos register can also prevent the asbestos from being disturbed by future renovations.

Anyone can make there own asbestos register. It is not a requirement for one to be done by a professional. However, it is important that your register be kept up to date and accurate. This is information that can save lives. It is important that it be treated as such. For this reason your asbestos register should contain as much information about the materials that contain asbestos as possible. A good asbestos management plan will include a good asbestos register.

Asbestos management plans are designed with the goal of making removal and maintenance of asbestos as simple as possible. The goal of an asbestos management plan is to keep your renovations as simple as possible. It is not advised to remove asbestos that has not been compromised and this is why an asbestos register is so important. The chances that asbestos will remain on a property built before 2000 is high. So asbestos management will be ongoing in most cases. A good asbestos management plan and asbestos register will assist you in the continued monitoring of asbestos materials that remain on your property. It can help you track these materials over time and of course help you remember what materials exist and remain in the home and where they are in the case of future renovations. An asbestos register is for anyone with a property that has asbestos in it. Unfortunately that covers a lot of properties.

Asbestos is a reality in the world. It is important to be informed of the risks that are present on your properties. Being informed can help you prevent the severe health risks present with exposure to asbestos.

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It is important for property owners to conduct asbestos surveys. They need a good Asbestos management plan and maintain the property with an Asbestos register. Asbestos Surveyors are experienced professionals that can conduct asbestos surveys.

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