Tuning Projects: Wideband Gauges

Published: 30th June 2010
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One of the big changes that often come along with a car tuning project is the addition of gauges to measure certain performance indicators that are not always monitored with a stock gauge system. There are several aftermarket modifiers that you can add to your vehicle to improve and monitor its performance. One that has a big impact on your engine's performance is a wideband air fuel sensor. This can be monitored through a wideband air fuel gauge. The gauge is installed in the car usually somewhere along the dash so that the gauge is easily visible. The wideband gauge is able to give accurate detail over a wide range of air to fuel ratios, more than just the 14.7:1 benchmark.

When you are doing a custom modification job it is important to choose the performance information that matters most to you so that the gauge can be put into the cluster gauge. A wideband air fuel gauge is an important part of any tuner's instrument cluster. The data from the sensor should also feed into an engine performance management computer so that that you can make the best use of the data that the sensor gathers. While you drive the wideband gauge gives you a visual of your air to fuel ratio stats and the data can be used by the computer to make the necessary adjustments so that your engine is operating at its maximum potential.

As important as the wideband air fuel gauge is, it really is nothing if you do not have a quality sensor hooked up to it. There are a variety of excellent gauges available online so that you can monitor your air to fuel ratios precisely. What difference doe the air to fuel ratio make in practical terms? Well when the air to fuel ratio crosses a certain threshold, above or below 14.7:1, then you have what are known as rich and lean fuel conditions. Rich fuel conditions are ideal when you want to have more power from your engine. Lean fuel conditions provide you with better fuel economy.

A wideband gauge that comes along with your sensor and controller is usually calibrated to work well with that particular sensor and controller. Gauges are available in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that matches your car interior or if need be you can get it customized to match a unique interior. A digital gauge will allow you to quickly see exact stats on the air to fuel ratio at a glance.

If you previously purchased a sensor, a standalone wideband gauge kit will allow you to hook up the existing sensor so that you get a constant readout. A universal controller will allow you to hook the gauge up to virtually any existing wideband controller. During your tuner project be sure to use quality parts this means a quality wideband gauge, sensor, and controller. Your engine will be sure to thank you later, so go pick up some components and happy tuning.

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