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Published: 05th June 2009
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Are you getting ready to take an aptitude test as part of a job selection process? When taking aptitude tests you will likely have to take a number of numeric reasoning tests. Numerical reasoning tests are an essential part of all aptitude tests. Normally you will not be allowed to use a calculator unless the company specifically states that you not are allowed to use a calculator. There are four different types of numerical reasoning questions. Each of these four types of questions will be found on numerical reasoning tests. There are a number of ways that you can prepare yourself to answer these numerical reasoning questions.

There are computation numeric reasoning questions. These questions will test your ability to use decimals, ratios, percentages, roots, powers, fractions and exponents. You will find that these questions do not attempt to test your reasoning abilities. The method that you need to use to get the correct answer will be pretty obvious. In order to score well on these types of questions you will need to make quick and accurate calculations. It is possible to get practice numerical reasoning tests for these particular questions online. These practice tests are a good way to increase your test scores on these types of questions.

You will also likely come across critical reasoning questions. These numerical reasoning questions are frequently used in graduate and managerial selection. When you come across these questions, you will be provided with information. You must take this information and analyze it. After analyzing the information, you will need to apply the appropriate logic of reasoning in order to answer the questions. Sometimes these questions will be designed in order to match the questions and situations that will be faced when on the job. This will require you to understand the type of reasoning required when on the job that you will need to answer the question.

When taking numerical reasoning tests, you may also run across data interpretation questions. This type of numeric reasoning questions require you to have the ability to understand and interpret information displayed in charts, graphs and tables. This is often a requirement in many management and professional jobs. You should expect these questions when you are applying for a job that involves making a decision based on numerical data. You can also expect these questions when applying for a job that involves analysis of numerical data. You can find practice test for these specific questions on the internet to help you prepare for these particular questions.

When taking numerical reasoning tests, you will likely have to answer estimation questions. These numerical reasoning questions will evaluate your ability to quickly make estimations to answers that are fairly straightforward numeric questions. In order to score well on these particular questions you will need to make quick estimations of the answer. Numeric estimation is key in many types of job including craft and technical jobs where you need to quickly and accurately estimate material quantities. It is possible to find numerical reasoning practice tests over the internet. These practice tests will help you improve your scores on these tests while increasing your chances of getting the job that you are applying for.

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