One-Liners Make for Really Funny Stuff to Put on Funny Aprons

Published: 27th March 2008
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Have you ever noticed that the really funny stuffs that you can see on the really funny aprons out there are usually one-liners? The reason is that one-liners are the best types of jokes. They hit your funny bone with one or two punchlines and you remember them the best. Sometimes, you might remember the one-liners on funny aprons more than the recipes you should be memorizing and that means you won't make it as a chef but you will make it as a stand-up joker.

That's the problem with being a chef too nowadays - people don't just want to be taught how to cook, they want their chefs to be comedians as well. And that's a tough job requirement to impose on a chef who already has to work under a pressure cooker environment coming up with four dishes to cook at one time that all have to look great, taste great and are completely original. You can already hear the chefs out there whining "and you want me to be a comedian on top of all that? Come on!"

Yes, it's true that being a chef is a hard job. And we shouldn't blame them if they find it hard to be comedians at the same time. Sometimes, the best jokes are those that are unexpected, like when a chef forgets a dish is on the stove and accidentally burns it. At that point, your favorite chef might turn to his audience and say "maybe you should pretend you didn't see that." A great one-liner that all chefs should keep in stock, in case they ever burn a dish and ruin their reputations with one swift TV show episode.

Sometimes, one-liners can also bring down the spirits of even the most inspired chef. Like, imagine a judge tasting a new pizza made by a chef then telling the chef "you can't seem to make up your mind whether you want to make a pizza or a sandwich." Oh my word, how many chefs have been slain to the core by such one-liners. One-liners like that can really make a chef want to become a golf caddy instead - or at least find kinder judges to taste their work when necessary.

That's where funny aprons come into the picture - the really funny stuffs placed on funny aprons (if they happen to be really funny stuff, that is) help the chef to feel better and lighten up the tense atmosphere created by too much steam from their cooking responsibilities and too much hype about the chef's expertise. A chef who takes his crafts so seriously, that he would live or die by how his/her audience perceives his/her cooking, will either die of hypertension at an early age, or shame when he/she received disapproval on his/her cooking. For this reason, chefs have junior chefs on hand all the time, actually - they keep the chef from committing suicide when his dish fails to produce accolades. Did that sound like a one-liner to you?

Have you ever noticed that the really funny stuffs that you can see on the really funny aprons out there are usually one-liners?
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