Get Rid Of Genital Warts And Genital Herpes

Published: 04th August 2009
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There is a difference between genital warts and genital herpes. Both of these conditions, however, will lead you to have warts or sores around your genital area. There are certain creams that you can use that can clear up the warts and the herpes sores. You need to use a special wart cream in order to clear up genital warts that affect this area.

Both genital warts and genital herpes are symptoms of having HPV or Herpes II. Both of these conditions are sexually transmitted, but not life threatening. The symptoms for both vary. With warts, you get bumps located all around your genital area. These can remain on the skin or they can clear up on their own. If they clear up, it can take a week or more before your body gets rid of the warts. Needless to say, the warts are embarrassing and uncomfortable. This is why those who get this type of condition look for a treatment that will make the genital warts go away faster.

Genital herpes is a condition that plagues millions of people. Although the treatment for this condition is something that will relieve the symptoms, which are the sores that go along with the herpes, the condition itself will not go away. Once someone has the herpes virus, they will most likely get future outbreaks. The sores can last for a couple of weeks if there is no treatment. Although you can treat the sores that are the result of genital herpes, you cannot treat the virus itself, which lays dormant in the body.

Genital warts are the result of the HPV, human papiloma virus. This is a virus that is usually sexually transmitted that can lead to warts that can be inside or on the outside of the genital area. There are many strains of this virus and the good news is that the strain that causes the warts is not related to the strains that have been linked to cervical cancer in women. There is a difference between the warts that result from this condition and the sores that result from herpes. Whereas the sores from herpes can be painful and are result in blistering, the warts are usually painless bumps that usually appear on the outside of the genital area. Like herpes, once someone has HPV and gets genital warts, the virus lays dormant in the system, although it is rare for the warts to appear again after the first infection.

Using a cream can help you rid your skin of the warts or blisters that come with getting either genital herpes or the warts that are caused by HPV. Instead of allowing them to heal on their own, which can take weeks, you can heal them much faster. In some cases, warts will not heal on their own and have to be removed by freezing in the office of a doctor. Using a cream to rid yourself of the warts can be the best option if they are located around the genital area.

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