Different Types Of Car Rims And How To Choose The Right One

Published: 04th July 2009
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When it comes to your car and aesthetics, your car rims play an integral role. Your car rims are to your car what your shoes are to you. You might be dressed to kill in the finest suit money can buy, but without the right shoes, you might as well be naked. The same relationship exists between cars and car rims. Without the right car rims, even the most expensive luxury cars look as if they are lacking something.

Of course, the subject of car rims is not solely concerned with aesthetics. There are many other practical reasons why you should pay careful attention when you purchase car rims and why you should spend the time and effort required to perform proper maintenance. Having the right car rims on your car can greatly improve the control and performance of your car on the roads. This translates directly into a more comfortable drive for you and your passengers as well as greater road safety while traveling in your car.

That being the case, just how do you go about choosing the right car rims to buy? There are a few main factors that you should consider carefully when buying car rims. These factors are size, material, durability, and style. By comparing the above factors, you will be better able to sort through the huge selection of aftermarket car rims to find the right one for your car.

There are also several main categories of car rims for you to choose from, and they are listed below along with some information regarding each type of car rim.

Steel/Composite Rim - A steel rim and cast aluminum center make these rims extremely lightweight, giving drivers greater control on the roads. Most of these rims are chrome plated, however, and performing proper maintenance will probably require quite a bit of time and effort.

Single Piece Cast Aluminum - The most common category of aftermarket car rims, these rims are lighter than steel/composite rims and have usually been machined, painted, or chrome plated. One major advantage of these rims is that aluminum is particularly resistant to corrosion.

Forged - Forged rims are the lightest rims on the market, because they used less material than single piece cast rims do. This same feature also makes forged rims relatively expensive when compared with the other available types of rims, however.

Billet - Billets rims are constructed using two pieces of billet aluminum, which are welded together to form the rim and the centerpiece. Due to the process in which the two pieces are welded together, billet rims are tougher and more durable than rims with cast centers. Painting and plating of these rims is difficult, however, so you will have to be content with the natural color of the metal.

Choosing the right car rims for your vehicle is a matter of personal preference and your budget. If you find that you really like what a particular type of car rim has to offer, then your next question should be whether your are able to afford it. If you are, then need only decide how and where to buy your new car rims from.

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