Characteristics of VibraSlim for Vibration Exercise

Published: 02nd April 2008
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Vibration exercise has become popular to the modern fitness programs. They are used in universities, sports and athletic training centers, hospitals and fitness clinics, and even celebrities. As the development of vibration exercise is backed by scientific research and medical studies, vibration exercise is proven safe and effective. However, they cannot be done without vibration equipment that has vibration plate. Without the vibrating plate, vibration effect to the body's muscle will not be possible, thus doing vibration exercises needs vibration equipment.

Vibration exercises have been recently used in wellness and fitness programs in the modern times. It was not just created as fad to the fitness industry but it was backed by research and medical studies which anybody with fitness program can be assured as effective. As science is behind vibration exercise, the research and development of the equipments and machines used for the vibration effect was also done to match the general effect of vibration exercise. Usually, vibration equipment has vibrating plate to stimulate vibration to the body.

The initial purpose of the vibration equipment is to strengthen muscles and increase bone density. As this activity is done by vibration plate in the equipment, others benefits are being noted such as increase circulation of blood, proper distribution of oxygen in all parts of the body, slowing down aging process, reduction of cellulite and burning of fats, flexibility of muscles, and increase metabolism. These happens because the vibrating plate enables the muscles to contract fast thus producing forces similar to that of doing strenuous physical exercise by individuals.

One of the technologically advance equipment used for vibration exercise is VibraSlim. It has vibrating plate where you can start using by standing position. The effect of vibration plate in VibraSlim makes it a whole body vibration machine because of its high frequency that penetrates muscles from the feet all the way up.

VibraSLim is made up of quality materials that the user can enjoy. It is made up of solid steel material that makes it stable and solid while the vibration plate works. It is also made in such a way that it remains quite even when the vibrating plate is turned on, so the user and its neighbors can not be bothered by any noise. VibraSlim is also very compact at 24x28 inches size which does consume a lot of space. It can also be readily operated as it is designed with easy and simple operation buttons for manual controls and automatic vibration settings. It also has frequency levels that can be adjusted from 10 to 50 HZ manual settings for vibration plate which the user can choose as necessary. Lastly, VibraSlim has unique oscillating motion that other vibration equipment doesn't have thus creating more vibration effect for better fitness result.

VibraSlim comes in two models. The VibraSlim Europlate is designed for residential use while VibraSlim Pro energy is designed for commercial use. The two has a lot of differences such as the speed, weight, size, horse power, vibration plate dimension, and its overall appearance.

Vibration exercise has been recently used in wellness and fitness programs in the modern times. However, they cannot be done without vibration equipment that has vibration plate .

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