Beware of Oil Jobs Scams

Published: 11th June 2009
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Oil Jobs scam is no longer news for many. But we still get those silly emails offering us a high paying oil job in some popular oil producing country.

Most times, the jobs come with the name, logo and a possible fake email address or website for another known company.

In this recession, there are chances of more job scams around the Internet as many job seekers are actively looking for relevant work as a result of redundancies and or loss of employment.

For many who have never found themselves in these situations, finding a job at oil cost is the next possible plan. Hence, they will assume that even a small application fee is alright in order to attract a job - that looks very lucrative with potential high rewards.

Please, beware!!! Don't fall victim to scams asking for any sort of money in order to guarantee a job. Please delete the email immediately.

Usually, oil job scams tend to come out of the blues, offering you a job that you didn't apply for, never had an interview for and never had any 'genuine' correspondences whatsoever.

The emails tend to have so many spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and unnecessary use of CAPITAL LETTERS.

You are informed of a visa processing fee or a form of payments to facilitate your job in that company and country.

An example of an oil job scam can start in the following format: My name is Edwin Brown, I am the agent of the CAREERS OIL AND GAS COMPANY. I have come to the notice of the fact that you are one of the newly employed staff of this company and i am responsible for the arrangements of all the necessary documents required for you to travel to our newly established company in United States of America to resume your JOB PLACEMENT with immediate effect. This are all the necessary documents (and their charges) I would need to process your WORKING VISA. See it below:

Invitation Letter: $150 USD

Letter of No Objection by the Dubai Embassy in USA: $150 USD

Workers Permitt: $100 USD

These are other necessary things you need:

Insurance: $100 USD

Stamp Duty: $50 USD

Mailing Fee/Courier Fee: $50 USD

Medical Examination Fee: $100 USD

Workers Orientation & Tax: $100 USD

Agency Fee: $50 USD

Total Fees: $850 USD

These are all the documents and the requirement you need before your WORKING VISA can be granted to you. Hope to hear from you ASAP.

You can see from the above that payments are asked for by the oil job scammer.

Oil Job scammers have used all known and unknown names and companies as front for their scams, and its possible our website could be added to their list as well.

While emails like this has prompted many companies to place disclaimers and ensure a more stringent efforts to clear their name and retain their reputation, this should not deter oil job seekers from finding legitimate oil jobs from online oil jobsites.

The common sense is - be careful and if a job looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

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Finding the right oil jobs can be a daunting task with so many scams around. But to ensure you apply for genuine oil careers , please visit Careers Oil Gas

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